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Working Intuitively

My preference is to work intuitively with each person using each tool as and when it is needed to obtain the deepest and gentlest shifts towards better health. BodyTalk and Acupuncture can be used as stand-alone therapies however, if there is a strong preference to do only one or the other. Acupuncture is my first love as it is what brought me into the healing profession and there is no doubting its effectiveness BUT, I am increasingly recommending that all my clients try BodyTalk first due to the wider umbrella from which it questions and resolves issues as well as it generally requires less sessions.

An Example of Treatment Sessions 1-4 with Acupuncture as a main tool

The following is a generalised example of how treatment could likely progress for someone who comes to me for a combined therapy session starting with Acupuncture and then integrating other therapies:

Session 1: This session is two hours long and consists of a full and detailed verbal intake of life and medical history. This is followed by a short physical exam and a ‘clearing’ treatment using acupuncture. Finally, the points that best align that person within their core energetic are needled and moxibustion is applied if appropriate.

Session 2: The physical exam is completed and any issues with balancing of the meridians will be dealt with. The main treatment will take into account the feedback from the first session and the presenting signs of disharmony as well as the response I feel from the clients pulses (one of the main diagnostic tools available to an acupuncturist). This is a simpler treatment, which is designed to really test the elemental diagnosis and reveal if there is any block to further progress. By this point, the client may or may not be noticing changes to their health and wellbeing.

Session 3: If the elemental diagnosis seems to be fully sustained, then more points will be added to really push the energetic changes to start testing the ability to change from a more demanding aspect. If the elemental diagnosis doesn’t seem to be supporting changes, this treatment may again be a simple one. BodyTalk may be added at this point as well. I estimate that 85% of clients are noticing a change in their health status after three sessions. If there is no change after the third treatment, it does not indicate that the treatments are not working, but it will be a cause for further consideration on my part. This is where the experience of the practitioner is vital, so that a change in the course of treatment is taken only when absolutely necessary. Alternatively, the frequency of treatment is reconsidered. Additionally, I would at this point start considering the use of Auricular Acupuncture if needed.

Session 4 and beyond if necessary: With the majority of clients, the sessions from here take on a pattern of the best combination of therapies for that particular person. Generally the session will start with acupuncture (sometimes both body and ear) for the first 20-30 minutes and then finish with BodyTalk for last 20-30 minutes. This gives excellent results and leaves each person grounded in their own energetic when they leave.

How Often Do You Need To Have Sessions?

With acupuncture or the combined therapies the spacing of sessions is critical and ideally the first three sessions will take place within 2-3 weeks. Longer times in between sometimes occur when folks have busier schedules, but I find the satisfaction rates can be compromised- so it is ideal if the timings can be honoured. Some clients have gotten all they feel they need after four sessions, but some folks (often because we are working with longer term chronic complaints) need/choose to have more sessions. Most of the clients on my books are people who come regularly for a top up session to keep themselves in top form. As my schedule tends to be quite full, I often will ask new clients to book in advance for the four sessions. This is to ensure there are spaces available for each person, and hopefully at the best time possible for everyone’s schedules. These appointments can always be changed or cancelled if necessary and it is not necessary for them to be paid for in advance.

Using BodyTalk alone can take on a different set of timings because each BodyTalk the session concludes with the question of how long until the next BodyTalk, and who is the best practitioner (as it may not be myself!). In the beginning the spacings are usually, but not always, within three weeks. Only occasionally the next session would be within days. Results are usually best assessed after 3-4 sessions. Because the sessions are generally more spaced out and the effects are more wide ranging, from a financial point of view the BodyTalk sessions are certainly more cost effective.

Starting Treatment and Patient Involvement

Deciding to engage in something like alternative therapies is not an easy step to make. I know from my own experience that some of the main concerns can be uncertainty that the efforts made and the price to be paid will be worth the gains. Sometimes it is difficult to even hope that you can get any relief after suffering for a long time. All I can say to that is that there will be a right time, place and practitioner for you if you need it. I may have the answers within my practice for you, but the only certainty is that we simply don’t know until we try.

The client responsibility includes attending clinic at the appointment times made and paying for those appointments whether attended or not (e.g. missed appointments incur a charge), as well as genuinely engaging in the sessions and being open to incorporating lifestyle changes.

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