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BodyTalk is “WholeHealthcareTM”. The BodyTalk system is a new therapy that utilises therapeutic concepts from both Western and Eastern traditions and combines them with muscle checking to discern what is the highest priority for healing within the bodymind (bodymind is a term used within BodyTalk to indicate the whole of the body, mind and spirit) of an individual. It actively works with the psychological impact life events have on the bodymind and the affect that can have to diminish the natural self-healing the body is capable of doing. Implementation is via tapping (ie no needles).

I cannot emphasise enough the astonishing capability of this therapy. It actively embraces the complex nature of the human bodymind instead of separating the body into seemingly non-communicating parts.

The BodyTalk courses I have completed are Access, Fundamentals, Advanced BodyTalk, Mindscape, Energetic EpiGenetics, and BodyEcology (aimed at balancing the Microbiome).

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Traditional Acupuncture with Moxibustion

I utilise the Five Element form of acupuncture and moxibustion to support and develop each person’s unique and authentic energetic. When our energetic is fully supported, the patterns of ill health can loosen their grip and our expression of ourselves as unique human beings is realised. Acupuncture interacts with our energy/chi using very fine, solid needles at specific junctions on the body. Needling provides subtle manipulations of the energy that can then alter our physiology such that our physical and mental health can be changed. Another option, instead of needles, is the use of an electrical point stimulator that utilises low frequency concentrated stimulation at the acupuncture points. I find this works very well, especially for children. Moxibustion is the burning of the herb mugwort over an acupuncture point (generally before needling). This provides heat and light – both forms of energy – at the point and creates a potency that is greater than needling alone. Moxibustion can also be used on its own depending on the situation.

The Five Elements correspond to the seasons: Wood/Spring, Fire/Summer, Earth/Late Summer, Metal/Autumn, and Water/Winter and have their own special energetic movement that correlates to the movement within each of us. To understand this better it can be helpful to consider a season - such as Spring. The natural world in Spring is expressing itself upwards and outwards with a determination that is powerful (think of the snowdrop bulbs that have had a rock placed upon them – they will push their way out and around, and almost through if necessary!). Now think about the people in your life – do you know of anyone who expresses this energy all the time, almost in an intimidating way? The movement of the Wood Element energy is typified by that upward surge and the need to follow a plan, sometimes with the inability to understand why everyone else isn’t following that plan as well. That person may well have a large dose of the Wood Element within their natural energetic, and out of balance that can bring anger, tears, rigidity (especially to tendons and ligaments) and general ‘bull-headedness’.

The individual energetic can be thought of as being as unique as our genetic code. Honouring that energetic is helpful to health, but impeding it can have detrimental consequences. I have practiced Traditional Acupuncture with Moxibustion for over nine years working with teens to nonagenarians. Through this experience, I have come to feel that realigning each person with their authentic energetic is a key to the deepest form of healing.

This therapy is available as a stand-alone therapy.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture from the European tradition

Auricular Acupuncture works on the basis that all body parts and functioning have a corresponding area on the ear that can be interacted with to induce a change to that bodily area. Further, it has the diagnostic capability within it that allows the most reactive points for each situation to be used. I utilise Auricular acupuncture regularly in my clinic mostly to help clear away emotional distress, and to help with physical pain. The ear points can be accessed with needles or with seeds or beads that are on a plaster, which are left on the ear for a number of days. I only use this tool as an adjunct to other therapies.


Cupping has been used throughout Asia and much of Europe for hundreds of years. The basic premise of using cups is similar to massage but instead of pressing down to stretch the tissues, the cups will pull up. Cupping has the added benefit of releasing what is termed stagnant blood in Chinese Medicine. This stagnant blood (shown to be de-oxygenated blood) can lead to muscular tightness and pain - cupping can help alleviate such pain. This tool is only used as an adjunct to other therapies.

Zita West Affiliate Network (not exactly a 'tool' but certainly a benefit!)

In 2015 I became a member of the The Zita West Affiliate Network for assisted reproductive care. Being a Zita West Affiliate member means that my patients have access, if needed, to the Zita West Fertility Clinic, which is number one in all-round reproductive healthcare in the UK. Additionally, my patients will get discounts on their top-notch nutritional supplements, books, CD’s, and on any consultations at their Fertility Clinic (some of which are available via Skype).

Zita West built her business organically through being a midwife first, a Five Element Acupuncturist (like myself) second, and then a nutritionist. Her aim was always to help people to get pregnant naturally, if at all possible. The affiliate status strictly refers only to my work as an acupuncturist.

When working with people who are hoping to conceive, my preference is to work with them for a time to see what the Acupuncture and BodyTalk can do before they need to take the drastic action of IVF. However, the IVF route is sometimes the best chance, and my biggest single group of patients are those wishing to have support during their IVF cycle.


BodyTalk is an emerging therapeutic technology that is gaining strength after strength. The best website to look at regarding this therapy is The International BodyTalk Association. Laura Stuve, who published the paper that showed a significant improvement in pain, fatigue, anxiety, and satisfaction with social role in 70% of participants who had chronic pain, has the Quantum BodyTalk - 21st Century Medicine website. I will be working with Laura in 2016 to push further with my own work looking at the epigenetic aspect of our health.

There are many avenues to find out more about the Taoist theory of the Five Elements and the related healing modality of Five Element Acupuncture. On the web there are a few sites, generally associated with teaching institutions, that have wonderful explanations about the Elements and the correspondences in Nature - our ultimate teacher. The sites listed below are a good first start - but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you simply want to know more about the Elements!

I did my licentiate at The School of Five Element Acupuncture and had a wonderful experience. I have a lot to thank Nora Franglen and the associated tutours for, especially in teaching me the tools to practice such a tremendous healing art! Currently you can go there to learn directly from Nora for post-graduate training.

There is a new school in Britain that teaches Five Element Acupuncture called The Acupuncture Academy. They are filling the gap to teach Five Element Acupuncture in the way that I learned it at SOFEA. It sounds like a superb institution and is worth looking at if you're interested in a career as an acupuncturist.

Gye Bennet in Australia runs a discussion forum for Five Element acupuncturists and as such deserves a mention too. His website is: Five Element Acupuncture Information.

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